Triad Duo-4 Ladder Machine Product Image

Duo-4 Ladder Machine


The Triad Duo-4 is designed for quick size changes to accommodate either floor trusses or ladders. Clamping is from two directions to ensure tight joints and rigid finished products. The moving bridge completely retracts to accommodate lift-off of the finished product. The studs or ladder rungs are positioned on 16" centers, using stud locators. End squaring stops square up the plates and the hand-operated controls consist of a clamp lever and a nail button. One button fires all four guns simultaneously.

  • Electrical Standard: 240 Vac, 3 PH, 30 AMPs

  • Air Requirements: 100 PSI, 4 CFM

  • Weight: 2200 lbs.

*Specifications subject to change without notice.

  • Cut up to four separate 2" x 10" or 2" x 12" stringers at one time.

  • Accommodates stringer angles from 25 degrees to 45 degrees.

  • Under-Carriage Waste Conveyor (transports the waste from cuts from under the machine for more convenient clean-up.)
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