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Handrail Boring Machine


Triad’s Handrail Boring Machine securely holds handrails as wide as 6". This versatile machine makes handrail boring jobs “a snap!” The machine is easy to operate, adjust and maintain. It is equipped with a screw system for six adjustable wheels. These wheels are a guide for the handrail and ensure a secure hold. You choose and lock-in the angle (between Zero and 45 degrees) and set the desired hole spacing.

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  • Electrical Standard: 208/240/480 VA, 3 PH

  • Air Requirements: 90 PSI, .1 CFM

  • HP: 3

  • Size: 36’ L x 15’ 10" W

  • Weight: 1500 lbs.

Specifications subject to change without notice.

  • Drill Diameter: 1/2" to 1"

  • Drill Depth: 2-1/2" Max

  • Drill Angle Range: 0 Degrees to 45 Degrees

  • Hole Spacing Range: Hole Spacing: 2-1/4" to 7-1/2"

  • None
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