Growing your construction business USED to require a very BIG LEAP...
From On-Site Building to Off-Site Construction.

Until we introduced:

The Off-Site Construction GATEWAY SYSTEM.

The Off-Site Construction Gateway System

Bridges the wide chasm between today's on-site builder and their off-site manufacturing DREAMS!

Modules for each phase of the wall panel or floor deck.

Many modules can be repurposed or upgraded as your Off-Site Manufacturing income GROWS.

Uses Single Phase power ONLY!

NO NEED for expensive 3 Phase power..


Equipment that literally pays for itself through increased production throughout the year.

No matter what size your business, or what might be your building specialty, Triad Machines has you covered.

We Manufacture Machines for:

Modular Plants

Triad Machines, including MEPs and ginormous Tilt/Transfer Tables, can be found in many of the most successful modular plants in North America. Explore our offerings!

Stick Builders

Let us help you with your off-site manufacturing and panelization equipment. Framing Tables, Sheathing Bridges, Floor Cassettes, Component Machines. Learn more!

Steel Builders

We design & manufacture machines and machine lines made especially for the needs of the light gauge steel stud builder. Offering you industry leading selection: Explore your options!

Shed & Tiny House Builders

Just because the products that you produce are smaller doesn't mean that your dreams are! We are helping builders, like you, increase production. Learn more!

Pro Stair Builders

Whether you are an established stair shop, or are considering adding a stair building profit center, we have the machines you need. Led my our industry-leading StairBoss Pro: Explore them!

Specialty Industries

We make both the popular & dependable Triad Drawer Machine (found everywhere that drawers are assembled) AND a Pallet Table useful to those in the pallet making or pallet rebuilding industries.

Our Great Team

From our in-house managers, to our traveling Road Warriors, expect Great Customer Service and answers to your questions!

Lowell Tuma

National Sales Manager

Lanny Morris

National Rep Development Manager

Brad Pattison

Director of Engineering

Maria Delgado

Parts & Service Department Manager

Our nationwide independent rep organization

Our nationwide independent reps